Los Cristianos Old Photos of Tenerife – Our Slideshow

Los Cristianos Old Photos of Tenerife – Our Slideshow

Los Cristianos Old Photos discovered again

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Los Cristianos Old Photos of Tenerife – The way it once was

A friend of mine got together a collection of  Los Cristianos Old Photos and he has scanned them so we are putting them up on this blog post for everyone to see, many thanks Tony for gathering together such a comprehensive photographic record of Los Cristianos, the way it once was. One of these photos is circa 1909 but most of them are between 30 to 50 years old, there are 55 in total. Thanks to Tony Bell for providing copies of the photos to us, a lot of work.

As you will see, Los Cristianos was once a small fishing village with a harbour surrounded by banana plantations. From those humble beginnings Los Cristianos grew into a world famous resort, these photos serve as a record of the early resort development. If you walk around the resort today you can recognise many of the spots where these old photos were taken, some of the original buildings still remain today.

The striking thing about these Los Cristianos old photos is that many show how undeveloped Los Cristianos was into the early 1960’s but the construction of the earliest apartment buildings was well underway by the end of the 1960’s. From then the advent of the jet age fuelled growth of the resort into what it is today. Also worth mentioning is that Los Cristianos property prices were quite low when the development started so the growth of construction was quite rapid because the land and construction costs were relatively low.  Concrete is still cheap in Tenerife to this day, it is made with volcanic stones.

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton were early visitors to Los Cristianos, see the photo of them whilst staying at the Oasis Moreque Hotel.

Los Cristianos Old Photos