Expedia Tenerife Property – Business Ethics

Expedia Tenerife Property – Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Our Business Ethics Defined

Duties to Buyers and Sellers

All Representatives of the Company pledge to protect and promote the interests of Clients and deal honestly, impartially and with integrity. This applies to all parties to the transaction in accordance with our business ethics.

When listing a property for sale, the Representative of the Company shall ensure that the description of the property for sale is accurate to the best of their ability.

Each Representative of the Company shall, prior to the signing of any agreements, fully inform the parties of all potential expenses for which they might be liable.

All Representatives and members of staff shall not discourage parties to any potential transaction from seeking legal representation.

All Representatives of the Company shall have a duty and obligation to ensure that all agreements shall be set out in writing in a clear and understandable language and express the specific terms, conditions, commitments and obligations of the parties. A copy of those agreements shall be presented to each party after signing.

All members of staff shall refrain from any form of exaggeration, misrepresentation, or concealment of any fact relating to any property or the transaction. The Company and its Representatives will not be obliged to discover technical or construction faults with a property but will declare them if they are aware.

The Company and its Representatives commit to present all offers and counter offers in a timely manner.

When dealing with other Agents, Company representatives shall cooperate in a professional and courteous manner. They will always look after the best interests of the Client whom they are representing. We set out our business ethics very clearly.

Duties to the Public:

The Company and its Representatives are committed to equality and shall not discriminate against any party for any reasons. For example, such as of race, colour, religion, sex, disability, nationality or age. Professional services shall be promoted to all parties on an equal basis.

Company representatives shall not mislead any person or misrepresent any material fact when making any presentation to members of the public at any time. All advertising shall be clear and concise.

The business of the Company and the activities of Representatives shall be conducted in strict accordance with Statutory Regulations and the requirements thereof.

In the event of a dispute the Company and its representatives shall use their best endeavours to resolve the situation. If later called upon by any Statutory Authority they shall cooperate fully and openly present all relevant information.

Please remember in connection with the above that the Company and its representatives are committed to being transparent and honest in all dealings with Clients and the Public. However, whilst every endeavour will be made to validate information presented by others, the Company will not be held responsible for any misrepresentation or omissions by third parties.

Basically, our business ethics set our our professional objectives. If anyone has any reason to suggest our business ethics are not being adhered to please notify us immediately.