Sellers Guide – Helping you to sell your property

Sellers Guide – Helping you to sell your property

Sellers Guide

The Tenerife Property Sellers Guide

Selling a Tenerife Property – Our Sellers Guide

When you sell a property using an Agent, you will be charged a fee, most Tenerife Estate Agents will normally charge 5% of the achieved sale price. Our fee is 5% but sometimes this is negotiable

The process of selling a property is the same in Tenerife as it is in Spain. Please read our buyers guide for more information about the process which is Notarised to ensure everything is carried out properly and duly recorded.

As Professional Estate Agents, when we sell a property we also ensure all of the regular bills associated with the property are transferred to the new owner. For example water electricity and community fees.

It is normal in Tenerife to sell your resale property partly or fully furnished.

Vendors Documentation

When deciding to sell your property in Tenerife please bear in mind you will need to gather certain vendors documentation together to assist us.

We will need to have sight of the Escritura or Copia Simpla (Title Deed) and your NIE before we can market the property.

After a sale has been agreed we will need a copy of the Escritura and your NIE. We will also need a copy of your Residencia, Fiscal Tax Certificate and Copies of any bills which relate to the property.

If you are Resident in Tenerife you will need to produce the Fiscal tax Certificate at the Notaries Office to avoid the deduction of 3% capital gains tax. The Notary will also need to see your NIE and your Residencia if you have one.

Sellers Tips

We offer the following advice for when a viewing has been arranged on your property:

Make sure you home is in good decorative order before you put it on the market.
Ensure all furnishings and curtains etc have been cleaned.
Make sure your home is clean and tidy, including terraces and balconies.
If you have a garden make sure it looks well tended.
Put away in as many things as you can in cupboards.
Make sure any good views are unobstructed.
If you have any pets, consider removing them for the viewing, the prospective buyers may not like animals.
Open the windows to give the property an airing before the viewing. Remove ash trays.
Turn on the lights in areas without natural light.
A vase of flowers on the table and some soft music can create a good impression.
Answer any questions which are raised as directly as possible.
Highlight any good features about the property which may not be apparent to the viewer.

Our Sellers Guide has been compiled to help us help you sell your Tenerife Property. Our sellers tips have been compiled from experience, you should do everything you possibly can to make it appealing to buyers.