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Tenerife Estate Agents find minimalistic loungeWe are professional Tenerife Estate Agents, we are British and we are proud of our honest track record. Also of the services we provide to buyers and sellers.

Tenerife is not like the UK where buyers usually you a Solicitor to conveyance a new property to them. Here in Tenerife and Spain it is very different. You can use a lawyer of course and there are some very good ones here. However here, it is normal for the Estate Agent to arrange everything and then the sale process is watched over by the Notary to make sure everything is legally correct.

As Tenerife Estate Agents we normally advise clients that it is not nescessary to use a lawyer if they are selling a property. If they are buying then we would advise using a lawyer if they want to reduce the risk level.

There are so many estate agents in Tenerife. Many of them are working with other agents with whom they have worked with on a regular basis before. We do work with other agents sometimes when we have a good level of trust. That networking process enables us to offer client other Tenerife properties which they probably will not have seen on this website.

We do have very stringent business ethics which we review regularly. That we know we are conducting ourselves as Tenerife Estate Agents in a proper manner. Our business ethics are published for all to see.

We recognise that building a reputation is not easy and it must be done with some effort. These days it is not affordable to perform badly because people can leave a bad review on the internet. So we are very accountable but we are also proud of the Testimonials we have earned by providing a great service to our clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our services. We can offer you a specially tailored Tenerife property finder service if you tell us what you are looking for. We are always keen to help our clients and develop a trusting relationship with them.

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