Tenerife Flora and Fauna

Tenerife Flora and Fauna

Tenerife Flora and Fauna

Tenerife Flora and Fauna – Plants and Wildlife Species


The exotic Canary Islands are home to one of the greatest collections of flora, Tenerife Flora and Fauna being a great part of it.  The Islands are listed fourth in the world in terms of endemic flora, with 1700 reported higher plant species, 500 of which are endemic; original and exclusive species on the Island.

The Paradise Island of Tenerife boasts 140 of the 500 endemic species, the range of volcanic deposits and regional climates has given rise to a variety of different soil types which may explain the diversity of plant life.

Tenerife flora is distributed throughout various environments which enable the numerous species to survive. These natural habitats are found at various altitude zones and orientations where different weather conditions prevail.

Shrubs, wax plants and cacti are capable of surviving long dry spells, intense sunshine and strong winds. They are general found at altitudes of less than 700 metres.

Juniper, dragon trees and palm trees are comfortable in moderate temperature zones with some rainfall. They are normally found on Tenerife at altitudes between 200 and 600 metres.

Forests of laurel, holly, ebony and mahogany, herbaceous plants and ferns are found between 500 and 1000 metres, an altitude zone with frequent mist and precipitation.

Between 1000 and 1500 metres wax myrtles, tree heath, holly etc are comfortable but laurel decays.

The thriving pine forests are found at altitudes between 800 and 200 metres, at these levels undergrowth is thin.

Above 2000 metres the climate is dry but solar radiation is intense and temperatures can be extreme. Vipers, bugloss, Teide white broom and Teide violet are all comfortable with these variable conditions.


The Canary Islands host over 600 species of invertebrates and 109 species of invertebrates, 20 of the latter species of wildlife were placed on the islands by man.

The fauna of Tenerife includes 400 species of fish, 56 types of birds, 5 reptiles, 2 amphibians and 13 land mammals. There are also several species of marine turtles, whales and dolphins. The deep marine waters around Tenerife probably contain many undiscovered species.


Interestingly the Island does not have any reported wild snakes, although the habitat would be ideal. There are many thriving varieties of lizards on the island.

Tenerife  Flora and Fauna tend to coexist well with humans and other species and the Canarian Government demonstrate a keeness for conservation.

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