Tenerife Old Photos – Our Black and White Slideshow

Tenerife Old Photos – Our Black and White Slideshow

Tenerife Old Photos discovered again

In addition to these Tenerife old photos, we also have a slideshow of Los Cristianos Old Photos, why not take a look.

Tenerife Old Photos from a bygone age

We have put together a collection of Tenerife old photos, there must be many more lurking out there and we will add to this gallery as we find them. If anyone has any digital images please let us know and we will add them to our blog for everyone to see.

The first camera which produced a dry plate negative for producing multiple copies of photos was invented in 1871 by Richard Leach Maddox. By 1884, Eastman (Kodak) had invented paper based film and by 1898 cellulose film was patented which led to the first mass produced camera. The Kodak Brownie camera was on sale during 1900 but cameras for 35mm film were not available until 1915.

Tenerife is 10 million or more years old which means the history of Tenerife has only been recorded on film for a virtual snapshot in time. There are not many old photos of Tenerife published on the internet although we suspect there are many more preserved in museums, published in history books or gathering dust in an attic somewhere.

We hope you enjoy our collection of old photos of Tenerife that we have pulled together and that we are able to add more in the future. If you have any more photos worthy of publication why not send them to us email and we will add them to this website.

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